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Leave your commercial strategy in our hands and optimize your implementation cost.

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At Somhi, we offer specialized solutions to meet all the needs of your hotel or small chain.

Full Commercial Managament Service - Somhi

Full Commercial Managament Service

We manage the entire commercialization of your hotel.

At a traditional tour-operation level as well as revenue management.

  • Budget Preparations
  • Study of rates
  • Implementation of systems (channel Manager, booking engine, BI…)
  • Contracting management
  • Revenue management
  • Compset benchmark

Management of any internal commercial department.

Revenue management service - Somhi

Revenue Management

Revenue management implementation and management of your hotel’s sales.

We apply revenue management techniques based on supply and demand, pick-up, and compset benchmark.

Transparency is essential to make the right decisions, so we will help you implement a BI that will give you clear visibility of sales at all times.

New projects services - Somhi

Hotel Distribution Model Strategy and Implementation

We will help you launch your new business, and once it is up and running we will give you the tools and guidelines so that you can manage it directly.

  • Marketing Strategy: A personalized plan to showcase your hotel and attract guests.
  • Rate and Contracting Strategy: Optimized pricing policy to maximize revenue.
  • Channel Manager Implementation: Advanced system to manage online reservations.
  • Business Intelligence (BI): Data analysis to make informed decisions.
  • Mentoring and Know-How Support: Advice and training for continuous management.
Business consulting service - Somhi

Business consulting

Have you been wanting to change your existing structure of doing things? Come and discover a different approach and we will guide you through this new vision of change.

We will provide hands-on support, facilitate contacts and help you during the process of the implementation of new systems, and new recruitment. In short, we will answer your questions and provide you with recommendations that can help you improve your results.

With our consulting services, you will maintain control over the launching process and take advantage of our experience and network of contacts.

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