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At Somhi we understand the needs of individual hotels and small chains. We know how difficult it is to keep up to date in an ever changing environment, with new players and in some cases an excess of information that often leaves us feeling overwhelmed.

Currently, we are seeing the commercialization of many hotels being handled by reception managers, directors or owners that may have already have too many tasks at hand, however, the industry moves at a rapid pace, and it is difficult to keep up to date and take advantage of the opportunities that arise if you do not have the proper time and adequate resources.

This is where Somhi comes in. Our company was created to address this problem and provide an effective solution. By trusting your commercialization to us, you can count on specialized trained professionals. .We are dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest marketing trends and strategies to drive your hotel’s growth.

The advantage of working with Somhi is that our marketing experts bring their knowledge and expertise to help you stand out in the marketplace. By grouping several hotels together, we have a stronger negotiating force to obtain better terms and results for all of our clients.

At Somhi, we understand the importance of having an effective commercialization strategy to maximize your revenue and achieve success in a competitive industry. Let us take care of this vital aspect of your business, so you can focus on providing the best experience for your guests.

If you want to enhance the commercialization of your hotel or hotel chain, don’t hesitate to contact us! Partner with us and propel your business to new horizons of success.

About us

My name is Jaume Ferrer, I have over 20 years of experience in the world of hotel marketing, travel agencies and TTOO marketing.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some major stakeholders in the hotel industry, establishing solid connections and building long-lasting relationships. These connections, coupled with my extensive network of contacts, have allowed me to gain an insider’s view of the industry and gain first-hand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities faced by individual hotels and small chains.

In my previous job, I was responsible for managing a portfolio of over 700 hotels in the Balearic Islands. This experience has given me an in-depth knowledge of the hotel industry in the Balearic region, as well as a clear understanding of the needs and expectations of both hotels and guests.

I understand that each hotel is unique and has its own goals and challenges. My goal is to work hand in hand with you, listening carefully to your needs and adapting my strategies to achieve the desired results. I believe that an open communication and a trustful collaboration is key to building a strong relationship and achieving success together.

If you are looking for a partner to help commercialize your hotel or small chain, I can offer you my proven experience, my network of contacts and my comprehensive understanding of the hotel market. I am committed to helping you achieve your goals and maximizing your results.

Jaume Ferrer - Somhi About us


Daniel Delgado

Daniel Delgado

Director of Revenue Management

After working as a tour operator, Daniel Delgado has since then successfully evolved in the last 9 years as a Revenue Manager and Director of Revenue Management for different hotels and hotel companies. Entrepreneur by nature, in 2020 he started his career independently helping his new clients to maximize their hotel revenues. In 2022, he joined the Somhi team to help boost and lead the Revenue Management department by applying his knowledge and experience in business. Knowing what tools work best and how to improve team needs has made him a great asset to our clients, turning these partnerships into clear success stories.

Our services

Our services allow your hotel to optimize revenue, increase profitability and stay ahead of the competition. Let Somhi guide you to unlock the full revenue potential of your business and achieve long-term success. Contact us today to explore how our services can transform your business and take it to the next level.